Hey, Wyoming blues players and fans!  I'm Rick Davis, President of the Wyoming Blues & Jazz Society.  Our goal is to promote and sustain blues music in our state.

Send me details about any upcoming blues gigs in Wyoming (or Wyoming blues bands playing elsewhere) and I'll add them to the gig calendar on the right.

Be a part of it!  The best way to get started is to join the Blues Society.

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Blues Night at the Sky Terrace Lounge in Casper 

Jimmy Keith & The Hateful Eight will bring their brand of rockin' blues to the Sky Terrace Lounge in Casper on Saturday June 3 at 8pm.  You will love the energy of this band.  Jimmy is from Buffalo WY by way of Birmingham Alabama, and he's got that southern blues rock thing workin' really good.  Think of Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Allmans, etc.  He is a skilled guitar player will a fine tenor voice and an affinity for the way this music should be played. 

Admission is free. 

Blues Night at the Sky Terrace Lounge in Casper is sponsored by the Wyoming Blues & Jazz Society.  Please consider becoming a member and supporting good music in this great state.

Our new Partner Venue 

I just got back home to Sheridan from a Wyoming Blues & Jazz Society board meeting in Casper. Big changes! Our new partner venue is The Sky Terrace Lounge at the Casper Airport. It is a terrific place for meetings, shows, and jams. The Sky Terrace is kid friendly and roomy, with a nice big stage for the talent. 

We will soon be announcing FREE blues shows at the Sky Terrace featuring some great Wyoming blues acts (Yes, they do exist.). We are studying ways to make our monthly blues jam more engaging and fun. 

Come be a part of it! Membership in the WBJS is where it all starts. Check our website for details.

Blues Night! 

We want to help venues and bands start a regular “Blues Night” in their towns.  And we need your help.  What local blues band would you like so see gigging in your town?  What local venues do you think would be good? 

We’ll offer help with the planning and promotion to relieve some of the risk for the venue.  We’ll help get it rolling.  Email me at president@wyobluesandjazz.org if you want to be part of this.  It’s all about keeping the blues alive. 

One of the foundational features of blues music is the jam.  Since the time when Robert Johnson ignited blues music in the Mississippi Delta 80 years ago, the informal blues jam has been the mother of the blues.  It has been the hand that rocks the cradle, inspiring new players and new fans.  We’d like to help keep that blues tradition alive in Wyoming, too. 

Let’s see if we can find a venue and a host for occasional blues jams in some of our towns, like Cheyenne, Laramie, Rock Springs, Gillette, Jackson and elsewhere.  Again, the Wyoming Blues & Jazz Society might be willing to help with planning, promotion and costs to get things rolling. 

Your comments are welcome and encouraged!  We’d like to help get this blues party started and hope it inspires bands to play more blues and venues to book their shows. 

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